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>Element< House Song
>Fading< House Song
>Anti-Ataraxia< Trance Song
>Eccentric< Trance Song
>Audition< Trance Song
>Dudgeon< House Song
>Survivor< Trance Song
>Postpone the Regicide< House Song
>Reflections< Classical Song
>Arc Lie< Classical Song
>Green Rain< House Song
>X< Trance Song
>I Am Neither< Classical Song
>The Mandate< Classical Song
>Amaranthine< Classical Song
>Transcendents< Classical Song
>Acceleration< House Song
>Perplexing Enigma< Ambient Song
>Lemon< Trance Song
>Fortitude< Trance Song
>City of Dreams< Ambient Song

2011 Submissions

>Contingency< Trance Song
>Out of Mind< House Song
>Enemy< House Song
>Weapon< Miscellaneous Song
>Bird< Trance Song
Red Elliptical Scribble House Song
Gu Fang (Lonely Flower) House Song
Extrapolation (remastered) House Song
Deepwater (remastered) House Song
>Meaning< Trance Song
>Twelve< House Song
Nine Dragons Trance Song
Thine Destiny Classical Song
Friday in April Trance Song
U Got Waxed Miscellaneous Song
Echoes of Dreams Ambient Song
>Solace< Ambient Song
Vadum Miscellaneous Song

2010 Submissions

Extrapolation V.2 House Song
Extrapolation(old) House Song
>Tension< General Rock Song
Mvt-6 Solidification House Song
Deepwater House Song
>In My Mind< House Song
Practical House Song
Digi-Rave Trance Song
Relics Trance Song
Dreams of Orion Ambient Song
Techno Pads Techno Song
Under the Stars Ambient Song
Dishonor Ambient Song
>stargazing< Ambient Song
>Running Out of Time< Techno Song
AppleSeed Trance Song
>evade< Industrial Song
>Paradise< Ambient Song

2009 Submissions

Full Contact Remix Techno Song
>Trumpets< House Song
Quasi-Stellar Techno Song
Redemption (sample) Techno Loop
Suppression Trance Song
System 14 - Trance Trance Song
Crush Depression Industrial Song
Thermal Energy Techno Song
>ASSAULT< Trance Song
>AWAKEN< Techno Song
Tango Delta Techno Song
Sublimal Sunset Ambient Song
Dragon's Wrath Techno Song
Sequence 36 Techno Song
Slides & Valves Pop Song
>HEAT< Techno Song
>ANALOG< Ambient Song
DC3 Song 1 Techno Song
>ULTIMATUM< Techno Song
The West Of Classical Song
>Preparation< Techno Song
6.11 Techno Loop
March to Madness Trance Loop
The Raid Techno Song
Full Contact Techno Loop